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Thread: AMD Kaveri's Open Radeon Performance Now Multiple Times Faster

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    Quote Originally Posted by fuzz View Post
    Tested on my desktop with a discrete 7770 and open source drivers:

    I did try with fglrx, but my system locked up in the middle.

    The tests I did see with fglrx were faster... but it was obviously less stable.

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    I know it's an old thread, but it's exactly the same matter, so....

    When I create the file in xorg.conf.d my sytem won't boot anymore and when I edit xorg.conf it doesn't change anything and still shows me that Color Tiling is disabled. Any suggestion what I could try?

    I'm running Fedora with Kernel 3.14.4-200 and Mesa 10.1.3.
    CPU: A10-7850k

    Thanks for your help.

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