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Thread: Orbital v0.1 Plug-In For Wayland's Weston Released

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    Default Orbital v0.1 Plug-In For Wayland's Weston Released

    Phoronix: Orbital v0.1 Plug-In For Wayland's Weston Released

    The developer behind the Orbital shell plug-in for Wayland's Weston has announced the projects first alpha release at version 0.1...

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    Meanwhile the project's Nuclear plug-in supports xdg_shell, clips surfaces to their own geoemtry, has a graphical screenshooter client, and many bug-fixes.
    Oh, please Michael. If you gave to you the time needed to read the announcement on the ML instead of wanting to put out the article in four (4) minutes, you'd have realized that none of what you write Nuclear supports is supported. Those are things I plan to implement soon.
    (Also, maybe by reading what you wrote you'd have realized there is a typo and the grammar is shaky.)

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    hast someone tried this stuff on the raspberry pi? it looked rather amazing on the last video.

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