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I think that you're one of the few who at least sees it that way for desktop usage. I've got dual 23" 1080p screens at work, and a 1920x1200 24" at home. In both cases, I wish I had more vertical resolution to put code on. Dual 1600p screens might finally get me into a situation that I am happy with at work.

For a 13" laptop screen, 1366x768 is acceptable. Anything larger than that should be higher resolution if you want to get work done.

For games, it's a different story... depending on the game, and also depending on whether you're using AA.
None of these resolutions are acceptable anymore. AMD GPUs can handle resolution outputs of 16000x16000 since the HD6000 series. Intel supports 4096x496. I dunno what Nvidia supports but it's gotta be somewhere between that.

You can now get a 5.5" cellphone screen with a 2560x1440 534.04 DPI res screen. If regular screens kept pace with cellphones then anything less then a 15" 301.89 DPI 3840x2400 WQUXGA would be considered old garbage.

Why you can't get a screen with a DPI anywhere even close to that on a desktop or laptop is an incomprehensible mystery to me.