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Thread: DDR3-2400MHz On AMD's A10 Kaveri With Kingston's HyperX Beast

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    @ Larabel, now do what every other site would do and OC the ram, both of your best kits at 1.65v or if you are feeling daring the max safe 24/7 voltages(depends on the ICs on the stick, I've seen between 1.7-2.1v while the JEDEC standard is 1.65v)

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    That would mean cutting back on a pair of gpu cores which you would not want. Or cutting back ona pair of cpu cores which most people would really scream!. At 2.41B transistors, the die size is fully used for all the components in this system. It is a pity that 28HPM process does not allow the stock speed to be at 4.2Ghz turboed to 4.8Ghz. But if you look at OC Kaveri systems running at 4.6Ghz, the performance numbers were what people really expects from it. I say, anybody can get this performance and even tweak the gpu speeds closer to 1Ghz from the stock 720Mhz. I am sure 900Mhz is pretty much a given for OC capability of the 8 gpu cores. As a K class chip, it is built for OC users, so throw the most from your wanted RAM and Cooler. It is the fun bit.

    Some BIOS has two profiles, I tend to use one for OC-Full and one for Unclocking leaving it as a server. It works pretty for each of the purposes.
    DIY a liquid cooling setup and you can easily hit 5Ghz 24/7 stable, OCing the GPU doesn't help much as it's ram bandwidth starved, though there are situations where it will have some difference.
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