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idle3-tools works for the EZRX at least.
That's good to know. Note that wdidle3 is a different, official utility, which works in DOS and sets the idle timer in hardware.

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If you think that is a lot then my system disk in server reports

Load_Cycle_Count as 2839993 over Power_On_Hours 26666 which is ~306726 for given period of 4 months. And that is with a var/tmp and /tmp in the ramdisk and several less important logs such as from distccd directed to the /tmp/logs and no scheduled file indexing... but several different server demons running on it

I welcome any ideas to further decrease that number. I definitely will checkout that idle3-tools
My WD Caviar Black statistics:
  9 Power_On_Hours          0x0032   074   074   000    Old_age   Always       -       19110
 12 Power_Cycle_Count       0x0032   098   098   000    Old_age   Always       -       2176
193 Load_Cycle_Count        0x0032   199   199   000    Old_age   Always       -       4011
Although for laptop drives, I have much worse ratios. I hear that setting APM through hdparm may make it better (hdparm -B 254). Also, what's your disk model?