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Thread: Khronos Releases SPIR 1.2 For OpenCL

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    Default Khronos Releases SPIR 1.2 For OpenCL

    Phoronix: Khronos Releases SPIR 1.2 For OpenCL

    The Khronos Group announced this morning their SPIR 1.2 specification for portable encoding of OpenCL programs with their IR based upon LLVM...

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    They've been collaborating on the dev threads with Clang/LLVM but I would prefer they finally mainline and get acceptance to clang/llvm trunk instead of releasing a modified clang-3.2 to compile it. It's pretty much useless from my perspective, until I don't have to carry around anything more than LLVM-Latest-Release and Trunk snapshots.

    Having to hobble in a clang-3.2 doesn't make much sense for maintainability.

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