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Thread: The Linux 3.13 Kernel Has Been Released

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    Quote Originally Posted by d2kx View Post
    For German readers, this is also a great link about the Linux 3.13 changes:
    And for french readers

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    Default 'performance' power state still means more fps?

    DPM is activated by default in the kernel 3.13. So, if I make use of the "radeon.dpm=1" thing, and if I use the "performance" power state (via sysfs), do I am still going to have more performance for games?
    That use to help with kernel 3.11/12 (in my radeon hf4200), but now than it is enabled by default and the power state can not be choosen (in the defaul kernel), so I wonder if it still would mean more FPS in games, or if it is not necessary anymore.

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    Nice. Now to wait for LXQT to be released (probably won't be that long now) and for both to become stable-ish on Gentoo, and I can rid my netbook of Catalyst, making the startup faster and smoother.

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