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Thread: HD 4225/4250 RS880M and HD video

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    Default HD 4225/4250 RS880M and HD video

    I asked a similar question a while back, but since then things seem to have moved on, so perhaps someone can advise me of the current state of play.....

    The hardware: An Acer Aspire One Netbook with a card that lspci identifies as an HD 4225/4250 (RS880M).

    The problem: Getting it to play HD video (1920x1080 mp4 or mkv or indeed anything!). (Note: I'm not interested in 3D graphics, games or anything else! Just high-definition video, preferably over the HDMI output)

    I know it can do it, because I've had it working under Slackware64-14.0 using the catalyst driver. However, the legacy catalyst driver hasn't been updated in over a year, is seriously buggy (frequently causing a black-screen lock-up on boot) and can only be used with obsolete kernels / xorg. A recent update of Slackware has now stopped xorg from starting at all!

    Reading recent posts indicate that the latest kernels / mesa / etc now support hd video via vdpau. As a quick fix (and experiment!), I've thrown Mageia 4 RC1 on the machine. The repositories seem to contain relevant drivers for getting this up and running, if only I can identify them!

    xorg.conf shows that the system is using the ati driver. Is this right? Shouldn't it be radeon something or another? lsmod shows a radeon module loaded. The repositories show lib64vdpau-driver-r600 and lib64-driver-radeonsi being available. But which is the appropriate one for a RS880M? The installed mesa is 10.0.2, but no indication is given as to whether it was compiled with vdpau enabled or not.

    What do I have to do to get this working? And is there anything else that I need to install?

    Any suggestions greatly appreciated!

    (PS: If anyone from ATI is reading this, I have used AMD/ATI products since the K6-2, but thanks to your ham-fisted abandonment of this platform WHILST IT WAS STILL ON SALE, I will NEVER buy anything containing AMD or ATI again!)


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    Forget about it. Hardware video decoding using the integrated UVD unit of RS880 (also RS780 and RV790) is still not supported with the free driver and is considered low priority by AMD. If you want that working you have to use an old OS, so that you can install the blob instead,

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