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Thread: 4K Tiled Displays Become An Issue With X.Org

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    Quote Originally Posted by dimko View Post
    And one does not exclude another. Look at .asound under ALSA.
    The X equivalent for per-user configs is running xrandr commands in your .xinitrc startup file. Which is stupid as hell because it increases startup time, when the info could just be in a config file, but hey, it exists.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 89c51 View Post
    I read that this is because the controllers of the monitor can't handle it as a single one. Maybe a cost related choice but i have no idea TBH.
    Indeed. A single 4K feed requires HBR2 (High Bit-Rate 2) mode controllers, which haven't been implemented in monitors yet though the latest GPUs with DisplayPort1.2 all have it. By the time they do implement it, DP1.3 will be around which will have HBR3 and support higher resolutions/bitrates and HDMI 2.0 will have cornered the market for 4K PC displays.

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