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1. You are a hypocrite: you waste your existence trying to convince people just how bad (unethical? Immoral?) BSD-like licensing is, but you not only use, but DEPEND on this type of software. HYPOCRITE.
If that is your contribution, then STFU and actually do something useful, if you really care that much.
If you didn't notice yet, I only comment when some bsd fanboys start attacking GPL. What I've written about BSD so far is just truth. You weren't able to prove me wrong on few points I've made in this discussion.

2. So suddenly you forget what license is Xorg (or maybe Wayland?) is distributed under? How convenient!
Furthermore, making permissive-licensed software is a 'crime', but USING it is not? How convenient!
I was thinking about the BSD license. If it will make you happier I wouldn't support Xorg.

3. You must watch the talk he gave, not the interview (how about W^X?).
I read the presentation. W^X (or its equivalent) is also present in Linux. ASLR appeared two years earlier in Linus OS, but W^X is probably OpenBSD project.