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AMD is apparently a Gold Member in the Linux Foundation. Intel is higher by being Platinum though, but don't give the illusion that AMD contributes barely nothing at all.
Platinum looks more like a "We just want a huge logo above everybody else"-club anyway, and upon first glance I see ARM and Canonical (and Nvidia teehee) as only Silver members, but to be completely honest I don't think that page is a rank of how much they contribute (in things other than money) or anything like that.

Intel and Nvidia fanboys can bash AMD as much as they want, but I'd love to see what they'd think if AMD actually didn't exist. That'd result in Intel having a monopoly on the CPU market and Nvidia having a monopoly on the GPU market: Intel and Nvidia NEED AMD to be successful, and without AMD even if there weren't any legal problems with holding a monopoly, there'd be consumer problems: i3 CPUs costing $1000, GTX x50 model number GPUs costing $1000, motherboards costing $2000, and no work being done to improve any products since there's no need.

Michael, you can't honestly tell me that had this been for Nvidia you wouldn't have waited for a response from them before opening your mouth. If you want AMD to send you shit, show you can be an objective and unbiased person...