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did more testing and i'm yet to see any of my games to crash. although, once i saw the GPU bottleneck comment, i went and disabled double buffering in TR2013

wine-1.7.10 => min 30.9 fps, with double buffering min 25.9
command stream version => min 48.9/max 72.3, with double buffering 30.1/60

looking at reported fps when running on windows with same GPU as me, it's about 80-90% there. that's freaking awesome change.

now, question from complete n00b on directx department. is this able to be reused in DX10/11 and how much different those 2 are?
I don't know about the architecture of dx3d but of wines, some parts of wine_direct_3d is version independent and as saw this changes where done in its core and not in the specific dxd39 parts: so yes.