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Well, Qt is a business, no one can deny that. Being open source or Linux friendly is only a temporarily thing. Anyway Qt is more than a widget toolkit these days, it is more like a framework covering all sorts of platforms and kernels. That will always conflict with the best interests of free Linux platform. Digia is lucky though, the social bribing going to KDE is paying off very well. Qt is more monolithic than anything else. Everything is scooped and put under the coplyleft killing CLA. Still no one questions the motives of Qt. KDE surrenders code from the kdelibs. this means part of former KDE copyleft code is being CLAed and monolithic. It is quite interesting to watch. Compare that to systemd.

The commercial Qt grows like monolithic cancer and kills off copyleft for commercial purposes, and people like that.
The community based Systemd grows monolitchic for the sake of keeping maintenance cost and overall complexity low, and people hate that.

It is a matter of social bribing.
Regardless how often you repeat your blatant lies, Qt is still licensed LGPL, which clearly is a copyleft license. Go troll somewhere else or, just for one time, go out and try to get a life.