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AFAIK, with Red Hat what you pay is commercial support, kind of like with Ubuntu.
The cheapest RHEL subscription, 49$/year for the desktop edition, is only available with self-support. You are only paying for the updates/access to RHN.

The GPL states they can't stop redistribution, so "pirating" is not a valid term here.
Correct, as long as no trademarks and branding is involved. I don't use Parted Magic, so I can't say if that is the case here.
Having said this, I do consider that if the one doing the distribution wants to charge for it, and you want to use it, you should pay him, even though you have no obligation to
Indeed, but there are people on this forum that don't understand free software, though they claim otherwise (just to clarify, I do not mean mcirsta).
In the first thread about this topic there were even people that took the stand that only Windows users should have to pay for this and that they should get it for free because they use Linux. How can one favor open source and then feel entitled to dictate which user groups should have to pay for it and which not, based on such arbitrary things as which OS their use? As always hypocrisy is big on Phoronix forums.