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Thread: Fedora's Copr Continues Mining New Features

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    Default Fedora's Copr Continues Mining New Features

    Phoronix: Fedora's Copr Continues Mining New Features

    Fedora's Copr project that tries to make it "easy and cool" to have third-party package repositories like Ubuntu's Launchpad PPA or the openSUSE Build Service, is continuing to march forward with new versions...

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    I want something similar to homebrew on Mac.
    It's a pain to build bleeding-edge programs. (try mesa, or pitivi -- you need a hell of dependencies)
    For rpm, I've never managed to create one.

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    Why not just use OBS? It already supports building for Fedora, RHEL, and Centos...

    I guess here's a good rundown of pros and cons of using OBS:

    It'd be nice if koji and OBS could merge. Less duplication of effort and improved code all around!

    Oh well, competition is good as well, I guess.

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