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Thread: Advice on buying new motherboard for desktop PC

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    Default Advice on buying new motherboard for desktop PC

    Hello all!

    I apologise if this is another one of these "clueless newbie" type of threads but here goes. I was wondering if anyone here could give any sort of pointers or help on choosing a new motherboard at all?

    Currently I'm using in my normal desktop PC an Asus M5A88V-evo motherboard with 16GB of ram, a quad core AMD CPU (FX 4100) and an (admittedly old) ATI Radeon HD 4850. Though I'm looking to upgrade from this set of components plus I have no end of trouble with that asus motherboard; every now and then it will completely forget its own cmos/bios settings and/or the built-on USB chipset will crash apon usage(!). I've been through the whole changing CPU/Ram/Board/PSU several times over and none of it made any difference.

    So really I'm either looking to get a new motherboard that dosen't have all the bios/usb problems, or just simply perform a complete upgrade and move over to maybe something like an intel based chipset motherboard and CPU. I have looked on phronix's own website and looked through the motherboards though there are only a few new motherboard reviewed -- on the website there's a review of the ECS Z87H3-A2X Extreme, Intel DH87RL Haswell H87 and ECS Z77H2-A2X. Unfortunatly the ECS Z87 seemed to have audio problems, the Intel DH87RL is a micro atx board (I'm looking for a full ATX board) and I couldn't even find the ECS Z77H2 for sale(!).

    One other big point I should mention is that I want to avoid UFEI/secureboot. Are there any modern-day motherboards (~1 year old) that don't have it at all? I only use gnu/linux on my desktop PC, no windows at all. Can UFEI/secureboot be disabled on newer boards at all?

    I'm aware of coreboot (could that be used to work around UFEI/secureboot?) but dosen't coreboot only work on older motherboards?

    One last thought: Wonder why nobody has tried to produce a full sized ATX ARM based motherboard....

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