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Thread: MPlayer2 Gone Dark, MPV Is Still Happening

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    Finally tried mpv, and I must say I'm impressed. Long overdue removal of dead features, much saner default configuration. Goodbye mplayer, goodbye mplayer2.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mmstick View Post
    It doesn't take very long to do with the mkvmerge GUI. I don't have to be a normal person to tell you that it's easy to do for normal people. Personally, I carry my own tools for this kind of stuff so I can mux an infinite number of videos automatically ( ) since I have over 13,000 episodes.
    Out of curiosity, what do you do with 13,000 episodes? Do you have some kind of a in-home streaming setup with multiple devices? Just archives? Seeding?

    Was thinking about trying some streaming setup for media and was looking for some ideas mainly.

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