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Thread: Deadfall Adventures Is Out For Linux, AMD Users Beware

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    Quote Originally Posted by tomtomme View Post
    Sadly the link is even more confusing. Games that show me a linux icon like Garry´s Mod are listed by steamDB as showing NO linux icon. So something is definitely wrong there. In addition: There are games like Braid that have really no linux-icon, so steam won´t let me install it - but steamDB says it should work, and through the humble-bundle installer it definitely works on linux.....

    So how did you make deadfall adventures install via steam on linux???? Is there a hack?
    No hack Just buy it and you can install it normally. Yeah i noticed the database isn't so much up to date, unfortunately. But some games you'll need to first buy, then right-click on the game in your library section, select properties and under the "betas" tab there you can select to opt in for "linux beta" or similar. I had to do this for Euro Truck Simulator 2 before it came out of the beta. is also a great resource to find out what games are available for betas etc..
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