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Whatever happened to Ubuntu TV? Does it work with capture cards? My problem right now is finding a good TV backend to stream video to XBMC. Currently I use MediaPortal, which actually works awesomely, but it's only for Windows.

Linux though has MythTV, which a lot of people will swear by it but I've never gotten it to work. I've gotten ATSC broadcast TV to work, but nothing past that. But there's better ATSC software that's easier to setup on Linux then MythTV. The other problem is that analog TV input is somewhat problematic for certain capture cards, particularly with Hauppauge, well the ones I own anyway. Even though the cards work perfectly fine in TV-Viewer, there's some driver compatibility issues with MythTV. Don't get me started on setting up EPG with MythTV, which the best route is paying for an online service MythTV provides.

Would love to finally see a good TV backend that works. TV sucks so much lately that it's not a very important feature for some people, so it tends to be a lesser issue. My MediaPortal setup is for my niece when she comes over, so she can watch TV on the tablet with XBMC. Which BTW XBMC on Android is extremely buggy, and stupid. There needs to be a UI built for a screen like the tablet.
I tried XMBC LiveTV with a lot of backends, but only on windows, I need to find one which is able to use CI reader to decode DVB-S. currently I'm using VU+ device as a backend but I would like use PC insted of crappy sat box... According to multiple sources it seems that best and most promising backend is TV Headend. It has also shortest channel switching time from all available beckends.