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Thread: Apple's OS X Launchd Being Ported To FreeBSD

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    Quote Originally Posted by nslay View Post
    Wow! What a bunch of convoluted bullshit that is ...
    When comes to your comment, yes.

    If you're a user, this issue doesn't even matter (so why do you care?).
    It matters a lot! Users gain the most from GPL projects, while they get usually nothing from BSD. It's because BSD is a permissive license.

    Does it somehow upset you that some permissive software you use daily found its way into some proprietary software?
    Yes, because proprietary is competition to Open Source. While BSD projects are open source they support their own competitors which is damn stupid. It's like giving weapons to your enemy for free, while he doesn't give you anything same time. It's not surprising he's stronger.

    I'll tell you that my FreeBSD experience remains unaffected by any code included in Darwin ...
    That's correct and it will remain that way. You won't get nothing from Darwin, so your experience (in positive way) won't be affected at all. Everything that I wrote here is obvious for most people. I wonder why it's not obvious for freebsd developers and other fanboys?
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