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Thread: Buying an SSD for Christmas...

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    Default Buying an SSD for Christmas...

    Hey all,

    Currently considering getting myself a SSD for Christmas. I've been looking at a Samsung drive... which seems more than enough capacity for me and pretty good value.

    My main concern is the ease of setting the drive up for proper use under Fedora. I'm happy with the formatting of the drive etc, but while googling, it seems that setting up an SSD for best performance and longevity isn't simply a matter of plug and play. Has anyone got any tips or guides that I would need to follow, or is it less complicated than I would expect?

    Also, should I be expecting any compatibility problems with that drive and linux, or are they pretty good at working with current distros?

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    I use SSD disk and have never got any problems with its performance. I think that it is the very good idea to use it.

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