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Yes, we need comparison against Direc3D because that's the default for Windows. And I guess the actual difference in performance is even more in favor of Windows if you consider the fact that Direct3D is faster then OpenGL in most cases. Let's see how much can Valve help in improving OpenGL performance on Linux.
don't know if it is just conspiracy theorist in me, but that paper was contradicting it self on all fronts like he wrote it half drunk and forgot what he wrote in previous sentence. just to name a few
- directx coders know how to code, opengl... NOT (translation, if it is a car and red it is a sports car, if it is blue it is a truck)
- all coders more optimize directx implementation, then says valve obviously didn't (how so?)
- claims valve coded for dx9 and then graphs show almost same results for 9 and 11
- coders optimize for dx11 rather than 9 (leaving me wondering if everything till 11 was a pile of crap)

but, the claim where my alarm went ballistic was this
"If we really want better OpenGL drivers, what we need is programmers that write better OpenGL programs."
huh????? based that they wrote their benchmarks for OpenGL.... it leads to
- benchmarks they provide are complete crap as there are no coders that would know how to code, god forbid optimize OpenGL
- they are sole coders on this planet that know how to use OpenGL efficiently
- wondering as last time i checked ps3 and ps4 for example don't have DirectX and since there is no coder who'd optimize all games for those run at 70%

and i'm no linux'be'all evangelist. if it doesn't suit somewhere, it doesn't, if directx is better, why not. why would i care? i don't use windows from personal belief and i wouldn't even if they strapped 3 hookers on my win box for the same price as OEM.

still, reading that was triggering same bullshit alarm as reading MS published reasoning why Server 2003 over linux. and then you look at hardware they used... absolute worst from NEVER, EVER use that in linux, where winner was Raid controller which worked at best 5MB/sec in linux. was really funny looking at results they got there/ i wonder how much network traffic was. maybe, 5MB?