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This is quite understandable because Valve has modified Linux kernel with real time patches. Generally realtime kernel have lower latency but also lower peak performance.

Hopefully Michael will test SteamOS with unmodified 3.10 kernel. This should reveal what is the effect of the modifications.
i might be wrong here, but big part of why they use modified kernel would probably be other reasons like input latency and sound (maybe graphics too, i trully don't know as this is just my guessing). sometimes games run visually fine and dandy, but when you try playing input lag is insufferable. killzone 2 prepatch on ps3 for example run steady (and damn beautiful) 30fps, but when you tried to shoot... lag. when you see this you kinda wish graphics would stutter instead of input. as long as game can provide 30fps, input latency will become defining factor on how playable it is. and it was not only killzone 2 on ps3. the bluetooth adding its own toll forced me to use my controller as wired in whole lot of games just to prevent my self from throwing them into trashbin. and with time, i never went back to unplugged version same as i'll never buy wireless controller again.

but, hey that is just me