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as if memory was so expensive these days ...
People keep telling this. It's still wrong. Efficient programming would be better than just adding more and more RAM. There are still prices for memory and sometimes limitations (architecture, embedded systems, older RAM types and so on). Furthermore things tend to crash, become slow and show other signs of nastiness when they get too bulky. Browsers, Java things, GFX programs, whatsnot.
I have grown up with DOS, W 3.11 and I (sadly) know what swapping means.

> also the worst part about java are bad programmers, not java itself.

That is very likely true. But basically everything suffers from bad programming. Even some languages might have suffered from design that wasn't tested thoroughly.
Still, in terms of raw performance, Java is a VM and adds (at least) one more layer slowing down things. On the other hand it is comfortable in certain aspects like portability and taking the need of caring much about HW or OS from the coder.