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Thread: KVM/QEMU 3D Support Still Being Figured Out

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    Default KVM/QEMU 3D Support Still Being Figured Out

    Phoronix: KVM/QEMU 3D Support Still Being Figured Out

    David Airlie of Red Hat has provided a status update concerning his Virgil3D project for allowing guest 3D/OpenGL acceleration support within KVM/QEMU virtualized instances...

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    This is certainly exciting, especially considering the possibility of environments having their own powerful virtualization solutions (like GNOME Boxes). Much of the reason people aren't using VirtualBox or VMWare for that one Windows app is that it's really not that simple to figure out unless you already know a good deal about computers.

    However, if you're a professional and you really need the support without dual-booting, using Xen's GPU passthrough is probably the best option for now, if VMWare's 3D support isn't up to snuff. That said, my level of work in 3DS Max tends to do well enough in 3DS Max under VMWare. As the next generation of gaming consoles is already here, however, I wonder if the performance will continue to be acceptable, as it was in a PS3 engine workflow.

    Either way, I wish David the best- he's doing important work.

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    I say use EGL. Who cares if a proprietary driver doesn't support it, yet. There's nothing that can be done about that, but wait. If I remember correctly, we're expecting Nvidia to release a driver with full EGL support at some point to support Wayland/Mir. Believe me, it would be better for me if the driver supported it as soon as this 3D support is out, but I'd rather wait, and have it done right the first time.

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    Anyone know why VMware blacklists the Intel drivers on Linux hosts? I'd like to know what risks I'm taking by enabling 3D on guests by un-blacklisting the drivers.

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