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May I point you to one of my previous pages and the homepage of this site:

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So either he is confused as to what his stated job is or he is trying to weasel out of doing what is expected of him by keeping up with his peers doing the same job on other sites.
I am not confused, but you must be... This site is provided as-is, if you don't want to read it or provide anything useful besides just spieling the same stuff, please leave. If anyone the people I am just trying to please the most are premium members and those that have a stake in some form to the site or the software, and certainly not those using AdBlock, etc.

Yes, Phoronix covers popular Linux game releases, other notable Linux / open-source gaming news, game benchmarks, etc. Just because another hardware review site publishes reviews one way, doesn't mean I need to do it that way.... Most of my "peers" also use Windows, should I go switch to being a Windows web-site too?

In fact, none of my commercial PTS customers at any of the major hardware vendors have even requested game testing like you mention. (Such support to easily calculate the maximum resolution/IQ settings, etc, could easily be added as a PTS module within a couple dozen lines of code to auto-determine the maximum values while staying above 60 FPS or another threshold, but any manual testing will not be accepted.)