Hmm, it's good to see the progress. But apparently you need really recent code. On the SuSE installation (just got to openSuSE 13.1) I am supervising there are still problems with the free driver stack and an A6 5400K. Glitches and graphic deformations, garbage from time to time on the screen. And the SW components aren't that old. (Kernel 3.11.something, Mesa 9.2.2 and so on). (I should have installed Gentoo on it anyway, but then installation takes much longer and I can't come over to that box so often for regular syncing and updating.) Fglrx worked "fine" besides giving me a black screen on any real console (ctrl-alt-Fx). It is a bit sad since I had hoped for 8 months since the last SuSE that I could use the free driver stack now. But no, it is still haunted by bugs.