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Thread: Best Nvidia OpenCL/OpenGL Budget Development Box

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    Default Best Nvidia OpenCL/OpenGL Budget Development Box

    I'm looking for an Nvidia system (and an Intel and an AMD, but those are posted elsewhere) that will provide the best range of current and near-future OpenGL/OpenCL/etc. capabilities for experimental development and testing. I am **not** looking for wicked fast gaming performance, compute performance, or anything like that. I want maximum capabilities (read most current and future API compatibility) for the least money. To put it in specifics, I want the following:

    - x86_64 CPU
    - Motherboard for above (Assume $90.00)
    - 8GB RAM (Assume $50.00)
    - Nvidia GPU
    - Total Price >= $300.00 @ newegg
    - OS: (Arch) Linux with closed driver

    The reason I ask is that most discussion of APUs/GPUs seems to be geared towards games or compute use. I'm just looking for a development and test box, not something for daily use.
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