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Thread: 21-Way Open-Source AMD/Intel/NVIDIA GPU Benchmarks On Linux

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    Quote Originally Posted by MrCooper View Post
    Those fixes are being backported for the 3.4 release.
    Hehe ok, you've already answered my question then =)
    Sometimes it's good to read to the end before asking questions

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    Quote Originally Posted by pali View Post
    why is radeon hd 6450 too slow?
    It's basically a bottom of the line IGP in dedicated GPU form w/ it's own vram. Only useful for adding extra monitors to office machines where GPU performance isn't necessary.

    For everything else go with at least the minimum spec GPU with 128-bit GDDR5 so you'll at least have some decent bandwidth for whatever GPU you are looking at.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kemosabe View Post
    Totally agree since the APUs are AMD's most attractive products. (yes, i mean it! )
    Wait till January 14th Kaveri series APUs release date. They will replacing the Richland and Trinity series.

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