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It's patent encumbered and despite google's claims there remains a risk for users.
There's a software patent risk with all code, but Google themselves has given a perpetual patent grant for the patents they have in conjunction with Webp, and since Facebook saw no reason not to use webp (and they likely had their lawyers do a decent patent evaluation before they started to use webp) I'd say you are in no greater risk using webp than any other image format out there.

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It doesn't compress better than jpeg, unless you compare using the broken psychovisual model WebP is optimizing for.
I've had good results on some images and also some results where jpeg is better, so overall I'm not that impressed by the lossy compression, although it does have the advantage over standard jpeg with that of an alpha channel.

I basically only use webp for lossless compression where it beats PNG hands down in everything I've tried.

Overall I think it will be extremely difficult for any new lossy image format to make inroads as jpeg is simply 'good enough' and supported EVERYWHERE.