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Seems there are different peculiarities around the speedstep issue. I also have no problem with speedstep reporting too low frequencies (in my case CPU Frequency Scaling Monitor applet), the issue is that frequency scaling support is completely gone as soon as I overclock the FSB.

So when I raise the FSB on my Gigabyte 965P-DS4 from 266Mhz (default) to 333Mhz, my E6600 always runs at 333x9=3000Mhz under Linux. The same setup gives me 333x9=3000Mhz under load and 333x6=2000Mhz in idle under Windows XP and that's the way it should be, not to forget the voltage reduction in idle.
Oh, sorry, I thought you had the same one as me, that seems to be common enough to deserve a faq entry: http://www.codemonkey.org.uk/project...req/common.php ("I overclocked my CPU, and now cpufreq gets the frequency wrong.").

Have you tried playing with the cpufreq apps and kernel modules?

And if you haven't, do open a bug report, we need the kernel people to see that there are people out there with problems like these.