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Thread: Phoronix Premium Get More Features, Site Work

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    Default Layout is a bit off on Firefox

    On the home page, the list of articles section seems to be pretty wide, and comes very close to the advertisements. It would look better if it was slightly narrower.

    I like the timestamp and direct link to comments page, very nice!

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    Category pages have been reworked now too, e.g.:

    As are news archives, e.g.:

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    And how about something like this?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ardje View Post
    Yes, the biggest annoyance of all. I already didn't see any ads due to the blocker, but the amount of effort it takes to get the real ad-free version.
    Actually it would have already been a big improvement if was easily linked from the forums section.
    My usual official ad-free browsing was like this: go to, see a lot of blocked ads. Click on phorums. Click on log in, log in on the login failure page. Then edit the url.
    I haven't seen a faster route than that to easily get logged in.
    Of course I can brows the ad version so you get some extra income ;-).
    Same here, I was using ad-block plus so I only saw the ads on my phone. It was super annoying to have to visit the forums each time to get the single page experience. I was considering not renewing my subscription because there was little benefit. Now I'm reconsidering and will likely renew my subscription. Thanks Michael for finally fixing this!

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    Quote Originally Posted by alazar View Post
    And how about something like this?

    Wow that looks great

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    Quote Originally Posted by Saverios View Post
    When the content management system / vBulletin subscription issue gets resolved, will we be able to get the premium view just by clicking the RSS link without visiting the forums for a log-in first?
    I prefer RSS and I was premium member. But this bug made that subscription useless and the fact that after so many years it's still here made me a bit bitter.

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