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Thread: Multi-Queue Block Layer Is Merged For Linux 3.13

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    Default Multi-Queue Block Layer Is Merged For Linux 3.13

    Phoronix: Multi-Queue Block Layer Is Merged For Linux 3.13

    The multi-queue block layer (blk-mq) has indeed made it for Linux 3.13 as one (of many other) exciting features. The multi-queue block layer can lead to better SSD performance through reducing latency by balancing I/O workload across multiple CPU cores and allowing for multiple hardware queues...

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    I'm wondering how it will affect sw RAID and btrfs multi-device performance

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    Quote Originally Posted by phoronix View Post
    This is a huge mess. Conversion of these drivers nets us a substantial code reduction. Initial results on converting SCSI to this model even shows an 8x improvement on single queue devices.
    Here's hoping that this applies to SATA devices at some point as well. The hard drive in my workstation spends way too much time chugging along, and I'll take any help I can get.

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