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This is exactly it. Applications are one thing, and Wine has more than got that covered. The interesting bit with ReactOS is, if they can get the Windows driver compatibility polished, is it's potential to replace aging Windows based appliances. As just one example, there are a lot of factories out there with hulking machinery with old Windows based interface boxes. These are using proprietary drivers for proprietary interfaces, with zero chance of being supported on Linux or any other OS. Having a modern replacement OS that can use these drivers and applications could be a big plus. Some of these machines have a 30 year life expectancy with maintenance, so there is a need.
I can't remember the exact URL but I remember reading that situations like that are actually one of the explicit target use cases for ReactOS once it's more stable and complete. (Which isn't surprising. After all, it's the main situation where neither "just buy new hardware" nor "pay CodeWeavers to patch Wine up to perfect compatibility with your in-house app" are viable options.)