As many of you know Timothy Arceri did a crowdfunding campaign to implement GL_KHR_debug extension, as it would make OpenGL 4.3 support easier (one less extension to be implemented by the rest of MESA developers) and help developers with better debugger capabilities.

This time, Timothy comes back to crowdfunding with GL_ARB_arrays_of_arrays, another OpenGL 4.3 extension. But unlike the previous crowdfunding campaign, he just asks for one week funding so he can finish the piglit tests (regression tests) and he will eventually finish support of the extension after MESA's developers feedback.

Most work will be done in the GLSL component of MESA and as the author uses Intel graphics hardware, that's where it will work initially. But the author assures supporting Gallium "should be straight forward once the glsl changes have been applied".

This time he will also improve the PR side, by receiving feedback over his website. It seems IndieGoGo doesn't have equivalent blog-like comments like Kickstarter.

And I hope this appears on the main page of Phoronix (and a lot of others Linux related media ones), a lot better written than me and with more information. A short interview would be nice too)