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To others that might read this; it is only written for this child and there is no reason to get excited

as some one who actually knows what hes talking about i tell you

and no

atom and brazos can suck my athlon xp

32bit is sometimes faster to use on 64bit cpus and even P4 had sse

even the top arm can suck an atom

i have a new monster cpu now
you know whats it good for ?
its good only for new, poorly optimized, games
like the CoD you probably play

advances ?
what fucking advances
Moore's law does not apply anymore, and it didnt for a while now
even so what complex thing does a 2D gui do that it needs a monster cpu

third world countries holding first world back ?
what the fuck are you talking about
i know plenty of people that have money to god and never get a new computer
why dont they ?
'cuz they dont need it
in fact you can run a fairly high load server on a P4

also google cpu dispatching
not that i expect you too understand what it means

To others:
KDE devs know what they are doing and it will not hurt none of users
not the old computers, neither the newest
cpu dispatching is a method to make this kind of things work at best efficiency (example glibc, x264, etc.)
You must do absolutely no content creation, because good luck using those old chips for video editing, they where slow for transcoding DVDs, let alone editing the 1080p video that my camcorder outputs. I don't have a week for my computer to be completely tied up processing the same edit before I can upload it to youtube.

Just because you can't find a use for all that AMD and Intel giveth doesn't mean the world needs to wait for your old box to finally fail to boot before we can come up with ever more process intensive things to do. 3840x2160 4K video is here and 7680x4320 8K is on its way.

I've got a 1.8Ghz Thoroughbred AthlonXP myself, and it was great for quite some time, but you know what it's good for these days? A glorified typewriter w/ built in MP3 player. It can jest barely handle Youtube videos if they are downloaded in no higher then 640x480 in h.264 or VP8, at the very least my old Clawhammer Athlon64 3500+ is able to handle those in 1280x720 on CPU only decoding which no matter how you cut it looks far better.

My Brazos E-450 netbook however can handle 1920x1080 in either h.264 or VP8.

Gaming is almost always GPU limited, the only time it's not is in high number of units RTS games and simulators that are doing allot of physics calculations to have as close to real world conditions a computer can give you.