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Thread: HPC Challenge, New OpenCL Linux Benchmarks

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    Default HPC Challenge, New OpenCL Linux Benchmarks

    Phoronix: HPC Challenge, New OpenCL Linux Benchmarks

    There's several new and updated benchmarking applications for measuring the performance of Linux system's ranging from small embedded environments to GPUs to super-computers...

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    Default This is a truly welcome adition to the suite...

    I will mess around with some hpccinf settings to see if I can increase the performance of my boxen... but it looks spot on so far...

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    Smile Happy Birthday Michael!

    Hope you've had a great day tinkering with hardware :-)

    ML: call h/w; call s/w; call bench; while bench do beer; ret bench; cake; ret s/w; ret h/w; ret b/day; ret ret ret ret ret :-)

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    Which implementation of MPI will it be? LAM/MPI? MPICH? OpenMPI?

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