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Thread: NVIDIA Updates Legacy Driver For Decade-Old GPUs

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    R100/200 class hardware is supported by radeon, this includes the RS200/300 series IGPs.

    If it doesn't work, then report a bug. Spewing foul language in a forum is not going to help.

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    Quote Originally Posted by schmidtbag View Post
    mr_marmalade somehow missed the fact that I said "older than the HD series"
    Oops, sorry for that!

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    so how does that work?? the r2 r3 cards aren't legacy? they were being sold n laptops n 2005/6

    amd could draw swastikas on their cards and you trolls would still defend them tooth and nail.

    reporting non functionng drivers? to whom? amd could give a shit and xorg devs are well aware and don't care

    xorg devs are amd's little bitches doing their crappy ass drivers for them

    amd and linux = nightmare

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    Quote Originally Posted by dh04000 View Post
    Is this in a machine that you use for everyday work?
    You would be surprised what ancient hardware I still use.
    Yes, there is a passively cooled NV11 around, I do still have via's VLE266 and CN700 in use (daily), a Geode LX (daily), an old Radeon RV280 chip and my Radeon HD 5670 (daily and right now). Latter is my main box, also used for gaming, the others do various jobs in various places. File servers, HTPC-wannabe (I'll relace that by a E-350 or Kabini since VIA never really made it and the poor souls at openchrome lack manpower, meanwhile I had one of the NV11 in there when MPEG2 accel broke during releases on openchrome), my Geode LX800 device at work (yes, the Geode is in a Thin Client with 512M RAM, 16 GB CF running Gentoo), some machines are used for machine driving at work (CLE266), my old laptop had a CLE266 (it's now broken), oh, an my newest acquisition with an R100 chip, a Transmeta thin client (I want to use that at work where I need a IEE1284 and I always loved Transmeta's concept. And now I found one that came with a decent GPU, not some XGI stuff which really works only with VESA).
    And my old main computer which I used for more than 10 years used to have a Geforce 3, later being replaced by a passively cooled Geforce 2 MX.
    So actually, my mother's APU and my 5670 are the newest chips that I have to take care of, somewhere my former HD 3870 (passive but got really hot) floats around.

    I better don't try to check my older boxes, one had a Riva TNT iirc inside. Ah, well.

    I mean, I understand that enterprises focus on their current + 2 Gen. before GPUs. And they lack enthusiasm for older cards. Okay, from their viewpoint I can understand that.
    But that is also the reason why I love free drivers cause you can still work with the old cards. Back at the time power consumption was on the rise but for many jobs I never needed the power. I mean, why have a loud, hot, hungry Geforce 3,4,5 in a computer that is only used for typing? When there is still that passive variant of the Geforce 2 MX around?
    And with a free driver you can use these things, still with the newest kernels and stuff.

    It is to hope that AMD one day actually does not have any need for fglrx anymore and people can rely on the free driver stack alone. No more recent X or kernel not supported nor any legacy issues. It's a fair move that NV still supports older cards, but they do not have an official free driver stack like AMD does. Yes, their declaration of legacy also started too soon but today they can actually point their finger towards the free driver stack and say, hey, look, it IS supported. (I guess it still needs some polishing on several implementations in some laptops since manufacturers might have toyed with the chips.)

    For NV: Sadly they do not support the "ancient" cards then - I truly have a different understanding of ancient than other people, Hercules Monochrome, THAT is ancient.
    But then god bless the nouveau project. Besides, you see, they started when I had my Geforce 3. I had big hopes but then I did not want to wait that long until it became functional and AMD (which was my fav x86 CPU maker anyway) had a really convincing offer then.

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