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Thread: Valve Publishes October Steam Hardware Survey

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    Quote Originally Posted by verde View Post
    Gaming won't bring popularity and/or bigger usage share to Linux. Gaming is not the problem.

    The problem is, if I ask now, here, which OS I should use instead of Windows 7 the following will happen:

    A: - Choose Fedora!!!
    B: - No Fedora is too buggy! Choose Arch!
    C: - No Arch is too hard for a beginner! Choose Mint!
    D: - No Mint is not supported well. Choose Ubuntu!
    E: - Ubuntu? Canonical is the devil and spying on you.

    So I/He/She will end up to return to Windows. So simple.

    Personally when I was trying to search the web for the best Linux alternative to Windows, I was bumping on articles that proposed distros based on politics (avoid Ubuntu no matter what) and I was lucky to try Ubuntu before I quit. I didn't know who is Shuttleworth, nor Torvalds, nor GNU, nor Red Hat but everyone is proposing to the masses what he prefers. No "A" proposal to make people enter to this world.

    If you enter Linux you will never go back. But community is SO sort-sighted.
    i know at least 3 people that would use linux if games they like worked as good and were easy to install
    granted they do know i can fix what dont work

    avg user needs:
    minimal easy setup, GUI
    their favorite game(s)

    actually i think most people just need firefox and movies to work, but feel cheap if there isn't plenty of stuff

    linux has an advantage as for its reputation (the kernels, not distros) of being awsome
    granted "its unlike what i know" makes it harder for people to use, as anyone trying blender for the first time can testify
    (that and the fact many things still arnt plug'n'play and sometimes buggy; in short complicated)

    i was thinking about something like e17 on puppy slacko (its easier for me then the other puppy)
    with scripts to setup graphic drivers, wine, steam, skype, few firmwares and whatever
    ofc libreoffice too
    so they can just click and it works

    that wouldnt be too much trouble to set up as the puppy people made it to be that way

    so ye who didnt notice; i tried puppy on the laptop and its awsome (for a laptop at least; for weeks its running on it as "live", i just close the lid so didnt try the installer yet)
    and from what i see it shouldnt be hard to put binary drivers and make it "full performance"
    idk why it its not as popular as the big names

    PS i remember dual gpu laptops were hell to make work right, id guess much has changed but plenty stayed the same
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