I'm building a system for the first time since college (11-12 years ago) and after tons of reading on different options I'm leaning toward an FX-6300 for the CPU.

Space is a major limiting factor for me, and I bought a Rosewill Ranger-M, the biggest case I could find that fits in the space. The problem is it's micro-ATX only. The one that stands out is the Gigabyte GA-78LMT-USB3 (ideally revision 5.0), and sticking a GTX-650 or some such in there.

I've read a zillion different sites on the question of FX-series chips and 760g based motherboards and there's a lot of conflicting reports. The chips are obviously "supported," but some people are insisting that in general the 760g boards "can't handle" the FX-series properly and performance suffers a ton. Other people insist they're using them with no problem. Some people are even claiming some surprisingly good overclocks with the boards, though I'm not really thinking overclock at this point.

Of course there are no 970 or 990 boards for the micro-ATX form factor, so the question boils down to whether I can actually use an FX-series CPU in a micro-ATX case, or if I need to look at a Richland or Haswell instead.