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Thread: Ubuntu Linux Gaming Performance Mostly On Par With Windows 8.1

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    Quote Originally Posted by Detructor View Post
    Same. You can use the Windows 8 interface only with a mouse or a touchpad, you got no chance with using it via keyboard.
    Lol you serious? Ive found they keyboard to always be needed to do things quickly on Windows or Linux, and Windows 8/8.1 are no exception. The keyboard makes accessing the newer features (ie charms bar) a fair bit faster using Start-C than using your mouse.

    The (OS specific) shortcuts I use a whole heap is when searching, Start-Q to search (Or Start then type) and Start-W for settings search, and Start-F for file search. Alot nicer than just having once search, but a huge pain to use with a mouse (Requires you to stop typing, use the mouse to switch categories, and perhaps continue typing) and ok with touch.

    To say you can't use it with a keyboard is IMO ridiculous, and brings me to question your experience using a Windows OS (most shortcuts have been with windows for a while, I can recall about 6 or 7 new ones for Win 8/8.1, and NONE that have been removed)
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