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    Lightbulb Simple animated desktop mockup

    Hey everybody,

    Im fairly new here, but this seems like a pretty cool community. Im 19 years old and have been using Linux since my 13th more and more regulary.
    I once had an idea how a desktop enviroment should work. I was very nave and not as experienced back then, but maybe its fun to take a look at.

    The idea being that a window should be noting more than a window which the application draws on. This way you get an unibody design which fully makes use of your theme. Plus the windows can be drawn immediately when a GUI gets initialized, giving the user some sort of instant response.
    The theme I designed there doesnt look too good, I know :P. Im a technician, not a designer. And nowadays I wouldve made everything very minimalized, getting rid of a huge bar and only drawing icons.

    But this is probably all too good to be true...
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