I plan to buy a laptop with Iris Pro 5200 from a linux friendly shop (preferably in Europe).

I have found two shops in Germany and two shops in the US selling laptops with Iris Pro 5200.
From the pictures and the technical data, these laptops look the same, except that the reported dimensions of the screens and of the laptops themselves are slightly different with an advantage for the US laptops:

http://www.linuxcertified.com/ LC22UltraPlus 14.1" (13.5" x 9.25" x 0.75") 343 mm, 235 mm, 19.1 mm (3.5 lbs) 1.59 kg US
https://www.system76.com/ Galago UltraPro 14.1" (13.26" x 9.90" x 0.75") 337 mm, 252 mm, 19.1 mm (3.80 lbs) 1.72 kg US
http://www.linux-onlineshop.de/ Tuxedo Book BU1402 14.0" 340 mm, 253 mm, 20.8 mm 1,8 kg Germany
http://www.mysn.de Schenker S413 14.0" 340 mm, 253 mm, 20,9 mm 1.9 kg Germany

Is this a mistake or can it really be that they have slightly different screen size and case dimensions?
I also find the depth of the laptop (25 cm) quite large for 14 inches: I have seen 15 inches laptops with 23 cm depth.
Apart from the dimensions, in the Tuxedo book you can only have an mSATA SSD as the second disk, whereas in Galapago UltraPro, you can choose mSATA for your first or only drive.

Do you know of any other shops (preferably in Europe) selling laptops with Iris Pro 5200?

Thank you