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Thread: GNOME "Flashback" Released, GNOME Panel 3.8

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    Quote Originally Posted by Serge View Post
    Not being familiar with either project, I apologize in advance if I come off as ignorant, but doesn't GNOME Flashback have a lot of overlap with Consort? My understanding of Consort was that it was the original project attempting to maintain and progress GNOME Fallback mode after the later was abandoned. Do we really have two projects aiming to do the same thing, or are there sufficient differences between them to make each one worthwhile?
    Wasn't Consort a Fuduntu project? Fuduntu is dead. Its members joined openSUSE to help KLyDE.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Awesomeness View Post
    Wasn't Consort a Fuduntu project? Fuduntu is dead. Its members joined openSUSE to help KLyDE.
    Take a min to check up. Consort wasn't created by Fuduntu.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RahulSundaram View Post
    Reusing GNOME infrastructure is a major advantage. It makes it easier for contributors associated with GNOME (people interested in maintaining the panel because they have specific requirements, translators etc) to get involved even via drive by contributions which can add up and if you just want to maintain a older components, getting commit access is pretty easy typically and you don't have the headache of maintaining your own infrastructure as prior attempts including Consort did. It also makes it easier for distributions to just continuing updating instead of going through a re-review, importing a set of new packages etc.
    Thank you, Rahul, for explaining it in a clear and concise manner. At first I was worried that this might be politically motivated, but your explanation makes a lot of sense and I can understand the advantage when it is described like this.

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