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Thread: Kernel 3.11 + radeon.dpm=1 results in extremely slow performance

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    Quote Originally Posted by AnonymousCoward View Post
    yes .
    Done, and it works.

    Wow, the open source driver is awesome! Now only if the power level switch is fixed! (I am stuck on power level 2. Its a known bug for dual screen setups). Well done open source devs!

    I have also turned on GLAMOR 2D acceleration but even without that everything feels so much smoother than catalyst! Flightgear shows the textures correctly!!! (that NEVER happened with catalyst)!! There is no more lag and spikes with firefox page scrolling, or the animations with gnome 3!

    Radeon opensource driver kicks the crapalyst drivers butt day and night and makes catalyst maintainers look very immature!
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