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I am mildly disappointed that they are switching to C++ if only because I have been spending a fair bit of time learning C lately and was starting to look for decent game projects I could start to dig into and potentially help out with. As Unvanquished is one of the nicer and more polished open source games out there I was strongly considering getting to know the code base. But now? Not so much, as I really don't care for C++. I know it offers a lot of features missing from C, but none of them seem compelling enough to spend any significant amount of time wading through C++ code which almost always seems to tend towards the convoluted and unnecessarily over-engineered side of things. This is just personal preference though and obviously the devs have already made up there mind, I'll just have to keep looking around till I find a project that is a better fit for what I am after.
To not be picky, this is the moment when you should come into the project. This makes it possible to you to have a voice to fix the parts are not working nice for you. Also is your chance to learn C++, which is not such of a bad deal. C++ is not over-engineered if is written "correctly" as C is not either. Bad C coding practices exist, and bad C++ ones also.

At the end, you can contribute just a small part in C, and people will rewrite it in C++, so still is no issue for anyone (if you don't want to touch C++ at all).