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Thread: Luc Verhaegen Comments On Intel/Mir Politics

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    I wanted to make a reference to radeon-hd in another forum today because it reminded me, I wanted to refer to that, to show some Ubuntu fanboys, that its not about ubuntu-hatred but a normal thing allways happen if something tries something stupid.

    Ok the 2 things are not 100% comparable, but it did make sense to support only 1 driver for 1 hardware. everything else is in the long run just retarded like hell. you can argue that radeonhd was the better solution, possible but then radoen would had to die.

    And here we have another similarity, radeon-hd was pretty much a novell exclusive job, and they had exclusive access to hardware-documentation. So it would have given novell that got much money from microsoft at this days much power. So of course thats a big part why they did loose the "race".

    But at least they had some technical reasons for their branch. they wanted do some stuff differently. while there is no known reason for mir except ubuntu has control over it.

    But like ubuntu now its free software, or open source at least, each retard can make a account on github canoncial evne have their own github... so... wtf? how can canonical think that some other companies pay money to support this ubuntu-only technolegy who is now clear will never become a part of any other distribution?

    Its not about politics but find best solutions, and I also cannot go to ubuntu and say hei, I want to make something similar to x-server can you make me a patch for your x-driver? they would direktly delete my mail-question and put me on a bannlist.

    And btw, where was this flamewar when they anounced that they want not support gallium (at least not for now maybe in the future). they do what they think is in their interest, its opensource everybody can include their stack or not, but you cant demand them to support your stuff for free.

    the funniest part is, that the people that are nvidia fanboys, and have no problem with nvidia dont support any opensource efforts are now shurely often that people that find it totaly not ok from intel to support this one opensource solution, I mean nvidia does not support gallium as example, its not even clear if it will be possible to run nvidia blob with wayland, or lets take the randr support... intel does not hinder you to patch whatever you want into their driver so if you are a nvidia fanboy please dont even start to flame here against intel.

    I hope amd does the same.
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