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Thread: A New Campaign For A Fully Open-Source Computer

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    XCore86's included GPU is terrible, as is its open source support. I would even say unichrome is better.

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    Their "website" looks like a scam. They seriously couldn't be bothered to write ANYTHING up about it? As far as getting a computer working on all open source software, probably the easiest approach would be to hack/re the lower level bootloaders for snapdragon. With those out of the way, you can run basically a whole computer (like an ifc6410) on entirely open source software. Yeah, a few things won't work, but probably not critical stuff, like the built in GPS.

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    Quote Originally Posted by farrelli54 View Post
    This is long overdue.
    To bad it looks like they took a couple of hundred dollars in donations then closed the campaign down before anyone caught onto the scam.

    Update: Well most people could spot the scam from a mile away but I guess they closed it before the donations became too big and they got too much unwanted attention.
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