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Thread: Enlightenment E19 Can Act As A Wayland Compositor

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    Quote Originally Posted by wargames View Post
    What is ugly for some is beatiful for others... but yes, I also think it's ugly. For me, XFCE is the only usable desktop at the moment, although I have to recognise I have not tried latest KDE versions. But I really like simplicity and current DE are everything but simple.
    I'd have to agree on most of your post. KDE is very usable today, though, the 4.11 release has given me some serious compositing issues I never had before. It had a rough start that it didn't really recover from until version 3.5, but unfortunately that bad start got a lot of people to not want to use it again. Personally, I don't see KDE being particularly practical for anything weaker than a mid-range laptop. It's still pretty heavy. Aside from the bloat, KDE's main problem today is it was a little too ambitious from the very beginning, where most KDE-specific programs feel very incomplete. They're getting better but I personally find myself using a lot of GTK alternatives.

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    Quote Originally Posted by phred14 View Post
    Whatever happened to E18?

    To be perfectly honest, I have been underwhelmed by E17. I have it on one machine - it has occasional pauses and most of the extras never did work well. I'm prepared to admit that it's a muffed installation, but haven't had the time to remove and reinstall.
    It didn't last long I guess ... but it was a stable goal they were and working are towards no matter how short it was.

    After all16 it didn't take the 100 years to get to E17 that the E16 to E17 release drought would seem to indicate lol.

    For what it is worth E16 also still sees occasional releases... its 10x better than the competition on a slow machine and relativly easy to configure.

    I figure the "pauses" are both an Enlightenment and a Linux problem... most likely in the IO area... IO just sucks don't it dunno what would help maybe a latency aware cache manager or there was recent comment on how Linux preemtion performance is down due to rearchitecturing without reoptimising.

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