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    Default heads up - radeonSI

    arch linux 64
    just got kernel 3.19.2-1...
    mesa 10.5.1

    best experience ever ! Thanks !
    wine 1.7.38
    bf2 AIX2
    Kaveri 7850 RAM at 2133 (RAM 2400 cheap, can only run at 2133), 2x 4 GB

    Suddenly bf2 AIX2 runs fully smoothly, I'm in the air for a long time.
    I've had a core quad 9400 and a NVidia 275GTX w GDDR3 796? for a long time (note DDR3, not DDR5!)

    The Kaveri with open source drivers wins hands down over the old combo with NVidia binery blob (it was a DDR3, a castrate!)
    Never had I a smoother game play as of today - about 10 years after the game was released (2005).
    BUT! The APU is better than my old dedicated config, with which I played BF2Company and BF3 while I had Winx - I do not have any more for some time.
    Hm, what I was hindered by hardware back then, I only really got shown today!

    Thanks, you make this hardware shine !

    (I know, it's old stuff, but the last with own server !!)

    Happy gaming !

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    didn't see any improvement, then again I use the mesa-git repo

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    Can pls anyone enlighten me? If I want to try gallium-nine performance with wine games, do i still need to install the 'native directx runtimes' ? (the ones that you download from microsoft website)
    I obviously use open source drivers

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